4 Things You Must Know About Adult Toys

4 Things You Must Know About Adult Toys

Different Toys, Different Lubricants

Remember, although silicone sex toys are hypoallergenic and body-safe, using oil-based lubricants on them may lead to deformation, damage, or even dissolution of the toy! On the other hand, water-based lubricants are suitable for all toy materials. Glass toys, being versatile, can use both types of lubricants.


Massagers ≠ Dildos

Massagers (vibrators) are primarily designed to provide tingling sensations through vibrations, with some catering to external massage and others focusing on internal stimulation. Some even offer the best of both worlds! These nuances demand special attention, as we all want pleasure without harm. As for dildos, their emphasis lies in thrusting for pleasure. While many dildos have vibration features, they can't match the massage capabilities of true massagers. So, the choice comes down to the sensation you desire: Tingly and stimulating or wet thrusting – choose wisely!


Usage Precautions

No need to tell you that you'll often stumble upon news of someone getting a butt plug stuck or a cock ring stuck, leading to medical emergencies. Whether you're male or female, especially when playing with anal toys, unlike with vaginal toys where there's a limit, things can get stuck or disappear in the abyss. If you go too deep, your toy might genuinely get sucked inside, and while it's possible to retrieve it, sometimes the panic makes it worse, with risks of shock. Sweethearts, avoid ending up in the ER, so be cautious!


Give Your Toys a Little "Chance"

Just like when you first entered the world of sex toys and felt fear, didn't you eventually learn to enjoy it? Similarly, if you buy a sex toy that feels "unmanageable" or "unexciting," most people are reluctant to give themselves time to adapt or explore different ways to use it (SEX is the canvas for your imagination!). When I buy new sex toys, I usually give myself a month or two to gradually adapt and explore!


When it comes to sex toys, being informed is the key to safe and delightful play. Remember the compatibility of lubricants with toy materials, understand the distinctions between massagers and dildos, exercise caution when using toys for anal play, and be patient in exploring new pleasures. Your sexual journey should be one of pleasure, discovery, and safety, so enjoy the ride!

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