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No man's Party

Rosebud - Plug Plus

Rosebud - Plug Plus

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This rose has thorns—and you’re going to love them.

The Rosebud Plug Plus from No Man’s Party turns an iconic symbol of romance into an erotic stunner destined to drive your pleasure to new heights. This handcrafted borosilicate glass plug features a tapered rosebud shape that starts small before blooming into a full, rounded head, allowing you to start slow and go as deep as you dare. Since glass holds temperature so well, you can chill this plug for some icy thrills or warm it up to discover sensation in full bloom. However you play, the Rosebud Plug Plus is sure to stimulate your petals and unearth a few new fantasies. After all, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet—and this one is meant for more than just your nose. Let the thorns set your inner blossom ablaze.


Full Length: 4.72 inches 13cm
Insertable Length: 3.35 inches 8.5cm
Width: 1.38 inches 3.5cm
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